What is Sisterhood?

We are the beloved daughters of the most high King.  So when we gather together, that makes us sisters!  Arm in arm we unite, support, encourage, love, and draw strength from each other.

Sisterhood is a ministry to help build the kind of friendships we all need to live out our faith and walk confidently through life.  So no matter what season you’re in, from single to empty nester, we know we’re stronger when we stick together!

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Sisterhood Gathering 2024

WE ARE WOMEN—strong, multitasking individuals who work hard, manage businesses, care for children, and handle numerous responsibilities. Yet, amidst the hustle, the demands of our daily lives sometimes hinder our connection with God. This spring, let’s take time to Pause and discover how to invite God’s presence into our everyday routines. As life continues at a fast pace, we need His presence now more than ever.

Join us Friday, May 31 – Saturday, Jun 1 as we gather together in God’s presence.


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