• Prayfully consider making a monthly commitment to this initiative above and beyond your regular tithes & offerings.
  • Fill out the digital commitment card below and please make sure to fill out an amount on your commitment form.

You can give through our website or app.  Select “Building Campaign” from the drop down box.


// FAQ

Q: When will be able to move into the new space?
A: Our goal is to be worshipping in the building by summer of 2021 if the build out progresses according to schedule.

Q: How will the funds I’m giving be used?
A: Your giving will directly help with expenses like installing air conditioning, purchasing chairs, signage, and furniture, creating kids ministry environments including renovating a restroom in the kids ministry suite, building a new stage for the auditorium, purchasing new audio, video, and lighting equipment, installing beautiful artwork throughout the building, etc. 

Q: I already give to Redemption.  How is this different?
A: If you already contribute to Redemption through tithes and offerings, thank you!  Through this initiative, we’re asking you to go “above and beyond” your normal giving to help make this vision a reality.

Q: What are you asking for on Commitment Sunday, May 2, 2021?
A: We’re asking for your Commitment Card and Legacy offering on May 2.  The Legacy offering is an opportunity to make your first faith gift towards your goal.  You can submit your commitment card and legacy offering at our Sunday services or online.  We’re hoping our May 2 offering will be the largest ever in the history of Redemption!  Your offering may be part or all of your total commitment for the next 9 months.

Q: How should I decide the amount to give? 
A: Pray about it!  We encourage you to identify what you’re comfortable with, and then pray about increasing that amount through faith and sacrifice.  Most importantly, we encourage you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your decision.

Q: I have questions about giving from my stocks and assets.  Who should I contact? 
A: Please contact our Admin Assistant, Gloria, who can facilitate special gifts including stocks, bonds, funds or legacy gifts // [email protected]

Q: Is my contribution(s) to the campaign tax deductible?
A: All financial gifts are tax-deductible as Redemption is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution(s) to the campaign will be included with your annual contributions statement along with your tithes & offerings.